Meet Ashley Rhodes. She’s a highly-coveted luxury event planner from the Lowcountry of South Carolina with a reputation for creating breathtaking weddings that have graced the covers of multiple print and online publications.

I see Ashley as a storyteller of sorts. When she plans a wedding, Ashley first sits down with a couple, notebook in hand, asks a lot of questions and then listens intently to the bride and groom’s hopes, desires and visions. Their conversation is about much more than just the wedding. From there, Ashley deftly creates a new chapter of the couple’s life together–their wedding day. And what a story it is!


I admire Ashley’s talent and heart so much, I gave her a cameo appearance in my novel A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING.

I’m honored to have Ashley Rhodes Event Designs orchestrate the wedding planning for our Lowcountry Wedding Giveaway winners, Julie and Ryan. Ashley is working with more than a dozen top Charleston businesses in the wedding industry. And together, they will help write the next chapter of our winning couple’s book of life. I can’t wait to see it all come to life on April 24th.

For those of you who are planning a southern wedding or dreaming of one, Ashley kindly shares some of her insight about what makes a Lowcountry wedding special.

Q: It’s no secret that Charleston, SC is a top wedding destination. What is most alluring about a Lowcountry wedding?
A: SPANISH MOSS AND SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!  Truly the dreamy scenery is what draws so many to this beautiful place.  Pair that with chivalry and comfort food and its a match made in heaven!
Q: What’s trending in southern weddings this year?
A: Tradition is always trending in “southern” weddings!  But I would say lush fabrics like velvet are trending with all weddings, as well as, the use of unexpected objects in tabletop decor.  Whether that be painted tiles or hand penned agate slices for place cards or bowls of fresh fruit, olives or nuts nestled in for added embellishment and pre-dinner nibbles.
Q: What wedding themes or details have helped you create your most beautiful Lowcountry weddings?
A: I always like to pull details from the couple. I can plan and design a party any day, what makes it so beautiful and special is for the entire event, from start to finish, to reflect the couple!  Their style, their personality and their vision.
Q: What advice do you have for couples getting ready to plan their wedding?
Hire a wedding planner!  Seriously!  Trust me on this one.
Q: You’re happily married, but if you got to do it all over again together, describe your own dream wedding in the Lowcountry.
A: I loved every second of my 200+ person wedding at two historic venues and would do it again in a heartbeat. But if I had to do it over, I would get married on a Thursday afternoon with only my nearest and dearest in a precious ceremony in my church in Beaufort followed by a fabulous seated wine dinner.  Then, on Friday we would all hang out on the water all day and enjoy each other and have a huge party Friday night!  The most meaningful and important part sometimes takes back seat. I wish I had taken the time to let everything sink in.
Click here to see Ashley’s wedding portfolio or visit her website at:

I’ll do brief weekly features following the wedding planning process of our Lowcountry Wedding winners. I hope you’ll follow along on my social media pages with the hashtags #weddingWednesdays #ALowcountryWedding.

It will be like a page from the novel A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING come to life. And it’s going to be wonderful!

Meet Charleston’s wedding vendors from “A Lowcountry Wedding” Giveaway

A question for my readers: Did you have a Lowcountry wedding, or a southern-inspired one?
Feel free to share something special about your own dream wedding. I’d love to know!


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my dream wedding is beach wedding .

My son wants to have a country wedding. I didn’t realize location was so important! I’ll talk to him to see if he has considered finding a ranch he can have the wedding at.

I can recommend Ashley Rhodes Event Designs as remarkable event planners.

Mary Alice Monroe

Yes! I wholeheartedly agree. Lucky is the person who hires Ashley for their wedding or event.

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