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In Conversation with Mary Alice Monroe

Fall Event

The Fall event, “In Conversation with Mary Alice Monroe,”  in the Wild Dunes Literary Series is an engaging showcase featuring three accomplished authors who collaborate on several novels. Set in the picturesque Wild Dunes Resort, this event offers a unique opportunity for literary enthusiasts to delve into the upcoming works of these talented writers.

As each author takes the stage, they provide an exclusive glimpse into their forthcoming novels, sharing the inspirations, themes, and characters that shape their stories. This event is not just about individual book promotions; it’s a celebration of the diverse and rich tapestry of storytelling.

Attendees have the chance to engage directly with the authors, gaining insights into the creative process and the journey from concept to publication. The event also features a book signing session, allowing fans to connect personally with the authors and secure signed copies of their eagerly awaited novels. This annual gathering continues to be a highlight of the Wild Dunes Literary Series, and has featured the talents of Gervais Hagerty, Karen White, Elizabeth Berg, and many more.

Fall 2024 Event Tickets Coming Soon

Prepare for a literary journey at the upcoming 2024 Fall event in the Wild Dunes Literary Series. This year, we are thrilled to feature three renowned authors: Karen White, Lauren Willig, and Beatriz Williams. Known for their collaborative efforts on several novels, these authors will bring their unique blend of storytelling to the picturesque Wild Dunes Resort.

At the event, White, Willig, and Williams will delve into the intricacies of their joint writing process, offering attendees an inside look at how their individual talents and perspectives merge to create engaging, multifaceted narratives. This will be a rare opportunity to hear the trio discuss their collaborative works, highlighting the synergy that makes their joint projects so compelling and successful.

Guests will be treated to an in-depth exploration of the themes, characters, and plots of the authors’ collaborative novels. The authors will share personal anecdotes and insights into the challenges and triumphs of writing as a team, providing a fascinating glimpse into the world of collaborative fiction.

In addition to the engaging discussions, the event will include a book signing session, allowing fans to get their copies of these collaborative works signed and to interact personally with the authors. The 2024 Fall event at Wild Dunes is set to celebrate the collective talent of White, Willig, and Williams, affectionately known as the three W’s while on tour.

Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White