I feel like a bride again … more than forty years after my own wedding.

MAM wedding-pageHere we are–Markus, a dashing groom, and I, a blushing twenty-year-old bride–at our wedding at a beautiful farm, beginning the rest of our lives … together.

Now some 40 years later he’s retired and for the first time we’re traveling together–not a second honeymoon but for book tour–celebrating the release of my new novel A Lowcountry Wedding. From the seaside book reception at the Wild Dunes Resort Grand Pavilion on Isle of Palms, South Carolina to our multiple book signings, book talks, and literary luncheons across the country. Planes, trains, and automobiles!IMG_9570

There have been toasts with the novel’s signature drinks(Firefly peach moonshine and champagne, need I say more?)

a toast

I’ve cut a wedding cake–seriously–with my book editor.

cutting cake

We’ve reunited with family members, readers, booksellers, bloggers, and friends. And we’ve been showered with generosity, kind words, and even gifts.

DSC_0714Like a bride and groom driving off after an exciting wedding reception, Markus has been by my side, driving me to book tour events. This is a first for him, and he says this experience together has been on his bucket list. Prior to his recent retirement, he could never accompany me because of his own work commitments. But now, he’s been working by my side– snapping photos, helping with book signings, and being well… my greatest support, my best friend, my husband.

The reality is–were it not for his belief in me and his support all these years–I may not have ever experienced this wild journey in fiction writing so many years ago. I’m so happy to share this particular book tour with him, hand-in-hand, just like we began our lives together so many years ago.

I believe it’s serendipity that my first novel featuring weddings as the major storyline is the first time my husband could accompany me on this adventure.

And thank you, my readers and booksellers and book reviewers. Without your support, I wouldn’t be doing this, twenty published books later. What an incredible journey together!

fiction addiction

This is the final leg of my summer book tour, and it’s also the final week of my special $40,000 Lowcountry Wedding Giveaway. Contest entries deadline is May 31st.

$40,000 dream wedding in Charleston, SC

Charleston’s best wedding vendors will give one lucky bride and groom the southern wedding of their dreams! Like a scene right out of my novel A Lowcountry Wedding, the winning couple will have a gorgeous plantation wedding and reception at the historic Legare Waring House in Charleston, SC with up to fifty guests. Then on June 13th, I’ll reveal the finalists to you–the public– who gets to vote on the winning couple. I can’t wait to see which deserving couple wins this amazing gift! To enter, visit: www.maryalicemonroe.com/weddingcontest, fill out a brief form and upload a short, candid video explaining why you want to win a Lowcountry wedding. This is nothing short of a dream wedding, thanks to A-list vendors and their generous contributions totaling $40,000.

Thank you again, my dear readers, for your love and support of A Lowcountry Wedding.

Mary Alice bride

You’ve given my new novel wings to soar and made me feel like a blushing bride all over again!





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I have the same hairstyle today I did way back then!

Wonderful story God bless you both for sharing your life with us.

I’m just getting into the new book. I love it and don’t want it to end. Atticus is a wonderful addition.
I love that Mamaw knew him right away. I love your writing, Mary Alice! I’ve been a fan ever since I met you at a book signing in a little shop in Charleston in 2002. You wrote in my new The Beach House book.
I’ve since introduced you to 2 of my sisters. My husband and I will be married 45 years this August.
Lots of happy memories.

Dear Mary Alice:
Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. In this day and age, it is an accomplishment to be married for forty yours. My husband and I are celebrating 30 years with a trip to Hawaii. I have been saving “Low country Wedding”, to read on the trip.

Mary Alice, I have loved every novel you have written. You have been with me in good times and so very difficult times too. My bucket list is to meet you both in person one day. I live near Myrtle Beach so hoping to see you in Pawleys for a book signing. Congratulations on your milestone of 40 years!! My husband and I will celebrate our 45th on July 3rd!!! Wishing you both endless happiness in the years to come.

Mary Alice Monroe

Thank you for the kind words and your support. I cherish that. Yes, I hope we can meet one day soon. I usually have a signing event yearly through Litchfield Books–wonderful store! Congratulations on 45 years! Cheers to love!

I so wanted to be at your book signing event held at Wild Dunes! Everything was perfect….the author, the title, the location, but most important day of my life! My son, Aaron married my beautiful daughter-in-law, Katie at Wild Dunes that day! I had hoped to get a signed copy of Low country Wedding for her and for me too, of course! I love your work….really hits home growing up in the lowcountry. I hope to make your next signing.
Special Day I my heart-warming 21, 2106!

Mary Alice Monroe


Congratulations to your family on their special marriage at Wild Dunes–the perfect seaside location. I can send you signed bookplates that you can stick to an inside book page. Or if you’re available, come join me at Buxton Books (Cumberland Street, Charleston) on 7/28 at 6:30 PM. Cocktails and a book signing celebration. I’ll be happy to sign your books.

I would love to read a sequel to Time Is A River. I believe it would spark great interest in reading the original and even a series!

I just finished reading A Low Country Wedding. I love your series. Will you write a sequel about Dora and Mamaw’s weddings and Harper’s baby?

Mary Alice Monroe

I’m so glad you loved the series! I have a fifth book in the series coming out October 25th, A LOWCOUNTRY CHRISTMAS. It’s not about Dora and Mawmaw’s wedding but that sure is a nice idea. 🙂

Your story is like a fairy tale. It’s a beautiful story. I feel you glowing from across the web. Happiness does that.

May your fairy tale life continue with love and good health.

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