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Mary Alice Monroe is proud to announce that the Wild Dunes Author Event & Weekend has been featured in MyLo News’ esteemed gift compilation. This year’s compilation, ‘MyLo’s Favorite Things,’ is an annual celebration of local treasures and gift ideas, meticulously curated to spread holiday cheer and foster community support. It represents more than just a list; it’s a heartfelt homage to the unique offerings of our local businesses, encouraging community members to shop locally and sustain the vibrant spirit of our neighborhood.

Each item on this list, including the Wild Dunes Author Event & Weekend, is not just a potential present under the Christmas tree but also a token of support for the hard-working local entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our community. By choosing gifts from ‘MyLo’s Favorite Things,’ you’re not only giving joy to your loved ones but also contributing to the flourishing of our local economy and the strengthening of our communal bonds during this festive season. Mary Alice Monroe is delighted to be a part of this meaningful initiative that highlights the best of our local culture and supports its growth.