The Beach House

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Series: The Beach House Series #1
Published by: Mira
Release Date: December 27, 2016
ISBN13: 978-0778330677


Known for her moving characters and emotional honesty, Mary Alice Monroe brings readers a beautifully rendered story that explores the fragile yet enduring bond between mothers and daughters.

Caretta Rutledge thought she'd left her Southern roots and troubled family far behind. But an unusual request from her mother -- coming just as her own life is spinning out of control -- has Cara heading back to the scenic Lowcountry of her childhood summers. Before long, the rhythms of the island open her heart in wonderful ways as she repairs the family beach house, becomes a bona fide "turtle lady" and renews old acquaintances with her mother that she will earn life's most precious lessons -- true love involves sacrifice, family is forever and the mistakes of the past can be forgiven.


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"The Beach House" 2018 Hallmark Hall of Fame Original Movie is an adaptation of Mary Alice Monroe's New York Times bestselling novel and premiered on the Hallmark Channel in April 2018. The film stars Andie MacDowell, Minka Kelly, Chad Michael Murray, and Makenzie Vega.


"With its evocative, often beautiful prose and keen insights into family relationships, Monroe's latest is an exceptional and heartwarming work of fiction."
Publishers Weekly starred review


The Beach House is profoundly moving”
--All About Romance 





1. Latin: Caretta caretta. A tropical sea turtle with a hard shell and a large head.
2. a stupid fellow; blockhead.
3. at loggerheads; in disagreement; in a quarrel.

It was twilight and a brilliant red sun lazily made its hazy descent off the South Carolina coast.  Lovie Rutledge stood alone on a small, rolling sand dune and watched as two young children with hair the same sandy color as the beach squealed and cavorted, playing the age-old game of tag with the sea.  A shaky half smile lifted the corners of her mouth.  The boy couldn’t have been more than four years of age yet he was aggressively charging the water, the stick in his hand pointing outward like a sword. Then turning on his heel, he ran back up the beach, chased by a wave.  Poor fellow was tagged more often than not.  But the girl…  Was she seven or eight?  Now there was a skilled player.  She danced on tiptoe, getting daringly close to the foamy wave, instinctively knowing the second to back away, taunting the water with her high laugh.

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