Last Light Over Carolina

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Published by: Gallery Books
Release Date: June 8, 2010
Pages: 400
ISBN13: 978-1416550099


Every woman in the sultry South Carolina Lowcountry knows the unspoken fear that clutches the heart every time her man sets out to sea. Now, that fear has become a terrible reality for Carolina Morrison. Her husband, shrimp boat captain Bud Morrison, is lost and alone somewhere in the vast Atlantic fishing grounds, with a storm gathering and last light falling. Over the course of one terrifying, illuminating day, Carolina looks back across thirty years of love and loss, joy and sorrow: How she rejected a well-to-do upbringing to marry Bud and embrace his extraordinary lifestyle by the sea . . . how hard times and loneliness have driven them apart . . . and how, with one mistake, she may have shattered their once-unbreakable bond forever. While the close-knit community rallies together to search for one of their own, Carolina knows their love must somehow call him home, across miles of rough water and unspeakable memories.

New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe explores a vanishing feature of the southern coastline, the mysterious yet time-honored shrimping culture, in a compelling tale of a strong woman struggling to prove that love is a light that never dies.

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Nominated by Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association for the 2010 SIBA Book Award


“Haunting … a story of past mistakes and second chances.”
—Charleston Post & Courier


“In Last Light Over Carolina I see people I knew and with whom I have shared the heartaches of injuries and yes, even the loss of family members, as well as the so-real satisfaction derived from some level of success in a troubled industry. This book surprised me as to how closely it parallels what some of us have lived and what some, thankfully are still hanging on to. When you start this book you will neglect chores and other things you should do. I avoided answering the doo bell at least twice. Not for a long time have I enjoyed a book so much.”
—Clay Cable, Vice President of the South Carolina Shrimpers Association and former Mayor of Isle of Palms, SC


“The character development in this book is fantastic… The story line is excellent, too. Last Light over Carolina made me reflect on what I value in life and also made me appreciate more how hard some people work to put dinner on our table…I loved this story of hope, love and commitment!
—BermudaOnion’s Weblog


Chapter One

September 21, 2008 4:00 am
McClellanville, South Carolina

For three generations the pull of the tides drew Morrison men to the sea. Attuned to the moon, they rose before first light to board wooden shrimp boats and head slowly out across black water, the heavy, green nets poised like folded wings. Tales of the sea were whispered to them in their mothers’ laps, they earned their sea legs as they learned to walk, and they labored on the boats soon after. Shrimping was all they knew or ever wanted to know. It was in their blood.

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