I’m thrilled to finally reveal the book cover for ON OCEAN BOULEVARD. It will be in stores in just about four months, on May 19.

The cover art captures the feeling I want readers to have when they dive into the story world. Exhilaration!



ON OCEAN BOULEVARD is a whole-hearted return to the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island and the sea turtles that call these shores home, as the sixth book in the Beach House Series. Once more the Rutledge women– Cara, Linnea and Julia– are back on the beach! Emmi, Flo, and Toy join them as the Island Turtle Team tends to the nesting sea turtles for a new season. As the turtles continue the cycle of the season, each woman, too, faces her own challenges and decisions that will shape the next stage of their lives. As they learn to trust each other’s wisdom, we witness the poignant passing of the torch from mother to daughter to granddaughter.



What makes this book special is best described by one word that keeps coming to mind. That word is “legacy.” It’s something you’ll see in the story line of the Rutledge women, and in the life cycle of the majestic loggerhead. But, “legacy” is also something that comes from my heart for conservation.

We’ve all seen the photographs of plastic garbage in the oceans, rivers, creeks. Animals trapped in filament, with straws in noses, guts impacted, and sadly, the deaths. It’s heartbreaking, and we all shake our heads and feel overwhelmed by it all.

Many of us wonder, “This plastic problem seems so massive. What can I possibly do to help?”


I explored that in my novel in what I hope is an inspiring way. My ideas for ON OCEAN BOULEVARD were in part sparked by my friend Kelly James Thorvalson, who is the Conservation Program Director at the South Carolina Aquarium. Kelly has launched a program dedicated to cleaning up our mess, literally. Armed with 5000 bags made from recycled plastic, she’s sharing them in cities and towns throughout the state to be used for local beach, creek, river, and parkland sweeps.

In my novel, Linnea sees one person picking up trash, and is inspired to walk the beach with a trash bag. Later, Linnea grows that small action into something bigger than she expected. Like ripples in the water, other people are inspired and soon, more and more people are doing their part to better care for this big beautiful world.



Ultimately, I hope that my legacy as a writer is that I leave readers with powerful stories that capture their hearts and inspire their minds with knowledge about how we can all take better care of each other and this beautiful wild world we all share.



If you preorder your copy of ON OCEAN BOULEVARD now, you’ll be sure to be one of the first to enjoy it on the May 19th release day.



If you want your book to be signed, and personalized, by me, call my local independent bookstore Buxton Books (843-834-6575). That’s the only place right now where you can request a signed and personalized copy for you … or your mama, sister, book club member, even your BFF. You can also schedule to have it shipped right to your door. It’s almost as easy as Amazon Prime! 



If you’re on Goodreads, do please add ON OCEAN BOULEVARD to your  “Want to Read” List. It’s such a great, informative, and interactive website for avid book readers.



Coming soon, my summer book tour schedule to celebrate ON OCEAN BOULEVARD. Will I be coming to a town near you? Share your suggestions in the comment box about where I should go for a book signing event in your city.

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Please come to Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL for a book signing! Thank you!

Please include Houston , TX on your book tour. Blue Willow Bookshop is an excellent bookstore. Hope to see you in Houston!

That’s an excellent suggestion and wonderful bookstore indeed!

Yes! I love Anderson’s Bookshop and try to get there as often as I can. Chicago is on my list for bookstore. Details will be posted soon.

Marcia Wildhorn

When is this book going to be released to Target?

My 92 yr young mom loves this series
However finds hardcovers difficult to manage
When will the paperback be out?

Hey Deb,
I’m so glad your mom enjoys the series. What a compliment! The paperback version of On Ocean Boulevard will be released in the spring. I’ll post the date soon.

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