Second Star to the Right

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Published by: Gems Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2013
Pages: 420
ISBN13: 978-0991097500


Sometimes fairy tales do come true…

As a single mother of two, Faye O’Neill has no time for fairy tales. She’s not even certain she believes in luck. Practical, smart and desperate to escape a shadowy past, Faye takes a job at a top advertising firm in London where she hopes she and her children can find a fresh start. When she finds the beautiful two-story flat for rent in a stately old Victorian complete with a neglected but tumbling English garden, she can scarcely believe her good fortune. But it’s not long before Faye realizes everything in the old home may not be as peaceful as it seems.

A strange light begins to appear in her children’s rooms at night, and then there’s the reclusive elderly tenant, Crazy Wendy, her landlady warned her to steer clear of, the woman who spends her evenings spying on Faye’s children from her garret-room window. The woman who believes she is Peter Pan’s Wendy. To make matters worse, Faye, who has sworn off men, discovers her downstairs neighbor Jack is a disturbingly handsome professor with a talent for charming women and children alike. Before she knows it, Faye has embarked upon a whole new adventure into a world where anything might be possible, where broken hearts can be healed by a kiss, and where Neverland may not be a place of fables, but a forgotten land one can still find if they are only brave enough to follow the second star to the right.

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“The magic of innocence and the romance of hope will charm the reader.”
—Nora Roberts, New York Times bestselling author


“Mary Alice Monroe breathes new life into the timeless legend of Peter Pan–and the result is nothing short of magical. Second Star to the Right will whisk you away at the whim of this masterful storyteller.”
—Signe Pike, bestselling author of Faery Tale


“I laughed, I cried and I felt like a kid again, experiencing the magic of an unforgettable love story. Mary Alice Monroe has won a fan for life with this spectacular book.”
—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author



Jack awoke when the light crossed his eyes. It was a quick flash-brilliant and piercing. Then it was gone. He bolted upright in his bed, rubbing his eyes as the tinkling sound of chimes rang in his ears. The pewter-colored darkness was pierced by a pale yellow stream of light flowing in through the open window. An ordinary London streetlamp, he realized, as he blinked away the sleepy stupor. He surveyed the familiar pieces of furniture in the shadows: a three-drawer bureau spilling out socks, a hard- backed chair burdened with tossed clothes, a floor lamp with a tilted shade. All was quiet. All was undisturbed. He rubbed his neck, then the stubble along his jaw, waking slowly.

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