Girl in the Mirror

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Published by: Mira
Release Date: July 1, 2004
Pages: 448
ISBN13: 978-0778320616


Bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe updates the classic tale of the ugly duckling and the swan.

Charlotte Godowski was used to the horrified stares she received from strangers. She’d learned to accept her facial deformity, until one cruel incident compels her to have the surgery that changes her life forever. Charlotte Godfrey is beautiful beyond compare. In Hollywood, where such beauty is power, her rise is meteoric. Suddenly she has everything she could want. Charlotte Godowski and Charlotte Godfrey are two sides of the same woman—a woman who can trust no one with her secret. But when fate forces Charlotte to deal with the truth—about her past, about the man she loves, about herself—she discovers that only love has the power to transform a scarred soul.

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“. . .Monroe draws you into an absorbing tale of hard-won success, devastating choices and the triumphant power of love.” —Diane Chamberlain, New York Times bestselling author


“. . .reflects the shadows and shapes of a woman’s painful and illuminating journey of self-discovery, of choices, of loves.” —Nora Roberts, New York Times bestselling author


She was touching the smooth, chubby leaves of a begonia when she saw him.

He was standing surrounded by a trio of women, each with a potted flower in her hand, each with eyes fixed on his long handsome face. He was being kind, it was obvious by the fixed smile and the way he tilted his head while he listened, as though he couldn’t bear to miss a word. His black hair was the color of a raven’s wing, his shirt as white as the clouds above. Beneath it was the smooth, terra-cotta colored skin she remembered so well.

From somewhere a bird called. She thought it was her sigh.

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