Beach reading season feels more important than ever.

With social distancing rules still in place and many beaches still closed to the public, I’ve had many readers tell me their annual beach trips are canceled or postponed this year.

“I really need your book to take me away to the beach”

That comment on my Facebook Page is one that many of us can relate to. Here’s the good news.



Books have the timeless power to magically transport us away from the stress or boredom of our current situation to escape to a new place with a new cast of characters.  Books are good therapy, especially the beach reads!

When On Ocean Boulevard is released on May 19, from the very first page I’ll take you to my island town, the Isle of Palms, South Carolina.  You’ll get swept up in the latest summer saga of the Rutledge women who face a season of unexpected changes, but they weather the storms of life with grit and grace.

Through the power of story, we’ll take in the sights of the Atlantic ocean, walk the smooth sandy shores, look for sea turtle nests, and feel the sweet salty breeze on our faces. It’s certainly doesn’t compare to that family vacation or seaside getaway you were so looking forward to, but it will be a comfort nonetheless.

New from NYT bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe. Preorder now and receive it on or near May 19.



You can pre-order your copy and support your favorite independent bookstore through The site makes it so easy to find your favorite store and support them with your purchase.

The May 19 release makes it one of the first big beach books of the season, and I’m so excited to continue the story of The Beach House series. Whether you’re new to the series, have only read a couple of the books in the series, or have read all of them multiple times… I know that On Ocean Boulevard will be a great escape for the beach season.



Pre-order today and then add it to your Goodreads bookshelf today.