The month of May is the kick-off of the summer reading season. In just a few weeks–on June 11th–my new novel, THE SUMMER GUESTS, will hit store shelves. I’m so excited to share it with you!

Southern Living Magazine
selected THE SUMMER GUESTS as a “favorite beach reads of 2019!” 


My longtime readers know that summertime book releases mean a summertime book tour.

And this year it’s a big one– 30 cities! Am I coming to a place near you? If I am, please come by and get your book signed and say hello! You can see all of the book tour details right here on my website.

In THE SUMMER GUESTS, a major hurricane is threatening everything in its path on the Atlantic coast. An eclectic group of strangers from Wellington, FL and Isle of Palms, SC flee to a horse farm for safety in the foothill mountains of Tryon, NC. They bring with them horses and dogs, and whatever else they can fit in their vehicles.  The question they ask as they flee is: What do you take with you? What do you value?

As the cast of characters rides out the hurricane at Freehold Farm, they face other storms brewing within themselves. When they leave for home, each of them knows what they treasure most in life.


I have a surprise for my readers in the novel! One of the main characters is Cara Rutledge, a heroine from my New York Times bestselling The Beach House Series. I needed a character to race back home to board up the beach cottage, and who better than Cara and her beloved Primrose Cottage. An important development continues her story that you won’t want to miss!

So great!  I’ve just launched my Giveaway contest for anyone who pre-orders a copy of THE SUMMER GUESTS before the 06/11 release date.  I’m giving away prizes every week … including tote bags, audiobooks, a signed stack of books, and a $25 Amazon gift card. Plus, the grand prize–A getaway to my coastal town, the Isle of Palms, to stay at the luxurious Wild Dunes Resort! Go here to enter the contest. 

With every book I write, I go to great lengths to create an authentic story world that accurately weaves together the landscape and wildlife into the lives of the characters. In THE SUMMER GUESTS, I hope to share with you the power of connection to horses through the beauty of the equestrian world. I learned so much at the World Equestrian Games and from devoted horse lovers and riders in Tryon.

My darling husband Markus will travel with me during much of the book tour. We’ll go by car and plane, living out of suitcases for weeks, as we bounce from hotel to hotel. No doubt, he loves me!

Please know that I so appreciate you coming by to a stop during book tour.  I’ll sign your book, (new and old). It makes the tour more personal. I love to meet my readers, trade stories, and share hugs. I hope to see you soon at a book tour event near you.


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